Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parker....does he EVER slow down?

How life changes the instant you have a child. Parker has brought such joy to mine and David's life. He is hilarious and very caring. But he can be the toughest, meanest, roughest little boy around, too. He is constantly on the go! He loves school and asks to go on the weekends...maybe that is a hint to me that he doesn't like us! No, I know he loves us. One of his favorite things to do is go to the zoo. I thought I would update those of you who read this with a few of my favorite pics of my little man.

I remember when Parker was a baby, I couldn't wait for all of the milestones. Now I can say I wish that time could stand still sometimes. I miss his baby days. We still call him "the baby" and it makes Keith mad...not really, but he was glad when he heard David say, I have to go pick up Parker, not the baby. I miss the diaper changing, the bottles, the feeding. You new mommies, cherish every minute. Because before you know it, they will be 3 and a half and very independent and won't let you do anything for them! But every minute I have with Parker is a treasured minute. He makes me smile with the smallest of things. Like when he smiles at me, or randomly says, "I love you momma."

Now Parker is going to have his choice of women someday...Tatum, Sydney, Riley, Mackenzie just to name a few. I am glad Cindy is having a boy. He and Parker can fight over all the women:) I want to extend a good luck to all of you on your soon to be labors. And remember, I would gladly keep any of the babies whenever you need a break.

Death....and new life

A couple of weeks ago, I expierenced the death of a grandparent for the first time. My Popa passed away peacefully on March 29th and we buried him on Palm Sunday. I was so sad losing Popa. He was an AWESOME grandfather. He was always at all of our baseball, softball, basketball, It wasn't until recently he was not able to get around. And at times, I have been very bitter that my Popa wasn't really Popa. He had not walked in more than 2 years, and he lived much of his later life in great pain and in a bed. So while I was extrememly sad when he passed, I was almost relieved. He wasn't in pain anymore and I know he is in a better place. I hate that Parker will not get to grow up knowing him, but I am extremely greatful that Parker did get to meet him and know him for the 3 and a half years Parker has been here. He probably will not remember Popa, but we have pics of the two of them that I will forever treasure. Here is one of them.

With Popa's death came 2 more deaths, a good friend from my past's grandfather and Allison's Aunt. They say that deaths and actually most things come in threes. Allison's aunt Barbara was such an amazing, gorgeous, fun loving woman. While I only met her once, she and I emailed quite frequently and talked on the phone some, too. She really might have been one of the funniest people I have ever known. I am constantly praying for Allison and her family because they are struggling with this very unexpected event in their lives. And the pain of losing a loved one is a pain like no other.

So now with all of these deaths, I realize how lucky we are to have the time we do on this Earth. And the time we have with our loved ones should be cherished and lived to the fullest. And I am reminded with death, there is new life. David and I just got word that Tanya's water broke. And Nicky and Jeremy are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sydney and we can't forget Chuck and Cindy's little boy that should be making an appearance soon, too. See, 3 of our friends are having babies. So why some lives have ended, new ones are beginning and I am very happy for all of our friends who are experiencing parenthood. And I am grateful for the memories I have of Popa. Memories are what help us go on.