Sunday, January 28, 2007

LASIK....the greatest invention ever!

Many of you reading this(not sure if I should say many) probably know that I had LASIK eye surgery on Thursday, January 25th. Let me tell you, it is the best thing I have ever done in my life!!!!!!!!!!! With the exception of having Parker of course. I can't get over how well I can see. The morning after the procedure, I had to go in for a post op visit. I was reading off the 20/15 line! I don't remember EVER being able to read off that line. Now, my friend Stephanie and her precious little Zoe were gracious enough to take me to the appointment. Stephanie of course was a little wierded out she said when she realized that 3 different doctors had come in to look at my eyes. The reason being I had a fiber on my right eye near the flap they had created to laser my cornea. It felt as if I had a contact in my eye. Needless to say, after much undo worry, they removed the fiber and all is fine. I go tomorrow for the fiber removal check up and then I go Friday for the 1 week post op check up. I am so excited about this gift my parents gave me that I don't know what to do! Having the last 2 days off of work this week sure was an added bonus! Not to mention, NO MORE GLASSES!