Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comparisons at 1 month old...

Here are a few comparison pictures of Parker at 1 month old and Caroline at 1 month old. There are some distinct differences and some distinct similarities...what do you think???

Parker #1
Caroline #1Parker #2
Caroline #2

It is still hard to believe that I have 2 children. Having 2 is not near as hard as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy, but it seems to be the way life was supposed to be. The hardest thing is sharing the time between both of them. It was just yesterday that Parker was her age and now he is rapidly approaching 5. I can't believe it!

Caroline's 1st Swim

Friday was the 4 week mark of Caroline's arrival into this world! I can't believe how time has flown by. I will be heading back to work when she is 8 weeks old and I am really sad that I have to go back....but we all know how that goes. At this point in her life, she is sleeping better than I EVER expected. Most nights we do not get up. Here and there we will get up for 1 feeding. I think God knew I needed a child that would love sleep as much as I do! HA HA She is smiling some and gets really focused on certain things. I wish I could read what was going on in that little mind of hers:-) Parker has adjusted extremely well to having her here. He is SOOOO over protective and wants to know where she is at all times. When I pick him up from school, the first thing out of his mouth if I don't have her with me is, "Where is sister?" He is a tremendous help and is starting to understand that Daddy has to help mommy too. At first this was extremely difficult for him to understand. We spent her 4 week old birthday at my parent's house swimming. Both kids had a blast I think!
I love to hold my baby sister!
Grammy, Parker and CarolineI love the pool!Chillin' by the poolAll the excitement wore me out!

First Road Trip as Fam of 4

Last weekend we went to visit David's parents in Huntingdon. Caroline was exactly 3 weeks old, which happened to be the same age Parker was when he took his first road trip there. We spent the weekend relaxing as much as we could and visiting with some of David's friends he grew up with. This was the first time that David's step-dad met Caroline and I must say, she was a perfect little princess! Here are a few pictures from the trip.
Look at me, I am 3 weeks old!Parker with Lainie, Joey's daughter...they are 6 months apart in age.The infamous Brent...David took this because he figured it would be another 5 years before we see him again!Little miss sleeping in her daddy's bassinet.Parker playing a little golfNose to noseMy sweet kidsI love Parker's expression!Daddy's little girl...I think he is already wrapped!
Parker's first experience with watermelon...he HATED it and would spit it over the railing...good thing we were in the country:)Parker and his MimiDavid trying hard to get Parker to try watermelon again...Daddy is that too big of a bite???
Caroline with Macmac and Mimi

It really was nice to get away and attempt to relax. David really enjoyed what few days he had left before he had to go back to work. Pretty soon I will be heading is going by too quickly!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just a quick update

It has been a little hectic at the Nannie household. Caroline is doing GREAT and is such a happy baby. We are very blessed! She weighed 8lbs on Thursday 7/31 and got a great bill of health from the doctor for her 2 week check up. She has been out and about with David and I. She is definitely a trooper. She went to my school 4 different days while David and I set my classroom up. I think with the second child you tend to be a little more relaxed and you just go with the flow. Having 2 children hasn't been that bad of an adjustment. What has been bad is the sibling jealousy that Parker is exhibiting. We know that it will just take time for him to get used to everything, but he truly adores his sister. Here are a few pics from the past couple of weeks.

My mom, Parker and Caroline the day we came home from the hospital.
Caroline and Gracely's first meeting! It's hard to believe that Gracely weighed 5.9 lbs 7 weeks before this picture was taken. She and Caroline are going to have so much fun growing up together. They are exactly 6 weeks apart:)Aunt Allie, Parker and cute!
Aunt Allie and Caroline...they share a GREAT first name!