Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Mother's Day gift!

This year, for Mother's Day, David treated me to a 4D ultrasound of our little girl. It was the neatest expierence! When we were pregnant with Parker, 4D was becoming popular. Our insurance didn't cover it and no one really mentioned it to us. Well, this pregnancy, I have been keeping my eyes out for any information and while insurance still doesn't cover it, it was reasonably priced so we decided to go for it. We got a DVD and 34 pictures in about 23 minutes of looking at our little girl. With out further delay, here is Caroline...and I must say, she has her big brother's profile:)

This first picture isn't the clearest, but she has her arm extended and was punching me in the stomach:)
Here is a good shot of her profile. I really think she looks like Parker did when he was a baby.Here she is smiling. It was so cute!

Here she is already talking. There were several times that she kept opening her mouth and closing it, like she was talking to us. There were even a couple of times that she threw her head back as if she was already throwing a temper tantrum!And one last shot of Caroline. She just looks so peaceful here.

My last Dr.'s appointment was a week ago. I passed my diabetes test and had to have a shot because I am Rh-. For those who don't know that that is, I will explain at a later date. We are now to the Dr. visits every 2 weeks. I go again on the 20th. I can't believe that we are only 11 weeks away from meeting her.

On a side note, my sis-in-law has been put on bed rest due to her amniotic fluid dropping. She is holding strong at a level they are happy with now, but please say a little prayer for both mom and my niece Gracely. She was in the hospital for a few days, but was able to come home last Sunday.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. I will post again soon. Parker has already had his end of the year program so that will be blogged about soon.