Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Time is flying

I can't believe that Caroline will be 7 months old next Wednesday. Seriously, it seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital having her. She is so sweet and a little princess. We can already tell she is going to be prissy. Parker is still completely in love with his baby sis sis, as he calls her. He has so many nicknames for her. Her stats at her 6 month check up were 18 lbs and 26 inches long. She is in the 50-75th percentile, being more close to the 75th range. Parker was 18.3 lbs and 27 inches at his 6 month check up. It is still amazing to me how pretty close together they are on everything. Caroline cut two teeth today! Yes, her bottom two erupted sometime between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. It is such a bittersweet time. I enjoy the kids getting older, but I get a little sad sometimes thinking about them not being babies for long. Half the time I forget Parker is 5! Caroline is also crawling backwards. It is hilarious. She does a little push up before she pushes herself backwards. I am going to try and catch it on video. Here are a few pictures from Caroline and Parker.

I couldn't resist this picture! I think baby butts are SO CUTE! And yes, her hair is finally growing back in where her bald spot is. However, it's BLOND so you can't see it.

Such a happy baby.She loves to sit up now. She really hates to be lying on the ground or to be doing tummy time.HAPPY SNOW DAY!
She will kill me for this later, I am sure!
Um, Parker can't you get me out of this mess?!?!?!?

Till next time.....