Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well it's official

Parker is 5 years old now! I can't believe it. I seriously don't know where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday that he was Caroline's age. He had a low key day yesterday(the big day). He opened presents with David, myself, and my mom. Caroline was asleep through the entire thing...which I can't believe. He will have a bowling party tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the boys from his class trying to is going to be a trip! He requested cleats and chalk for his will see below he got way more than that. I didn't post pics of him opening those items, but he did receive them:) I also started a tradition last year and made his birthday cake for the family party. Well, this year we went looking for a Batman cake mold because that is what he wanted. We didn't find one, but Spiderman was in stock. So guess what I got to make?! You got it, a Spiderman cake. Look below to see how it turned out. Hopefully I will have some funny stories to blog about after tomorrow's party.
He wanted us to all know he is 5 now
His loot
Inspecting his present...he is definitely his father's son!
He loves leggos..and Indiana Jones!
I think "Wow" were his exact words here.
Grandmomma got him a Crank and Launch Batman and a Batcycle...too fun!
The cake

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Terrible Blogger I am

I have been so busy since I have been back at work, that I keep forgetting to update my blog! So just to catch everyone up to speed...Caroline is sleeping really well in her crib. She wakes for 1 feeding still, but I think that will change as soon as she is bumped up to 5 to 6 oz of formula. She doesn't really seem to want to eat more than 4oz, so I can't decide if it is time to bump her up or not. The doc said she wouldn't take 6 oz until around 4 months. She is such a happy baby and has been a blessing to our family. I worried that I would struggle to love a 2nd child as much as I love Parker. Let me just say, I LOVE HER as much as Parker and in a completely different way. Those of you who have 2 or soon will have 2 children, you will understand. And having a boy and a girl is so unique. I didn't realize how different they would be, but they are! Parker will be 5 next Friday. I am completely in shock about that. It seems like just yesterday I was having him. He is such a pistol and keeps us on our toes. He likes to act like he is Caroline's parent, too. He is extremely involved with all things pertaining to "sister." I am enjoying being back at work as much as I can. I miss her, but she is doing so good at her daycare that I really can't complain. Here are a few pics from the past few weeks. Hope you are all doing well!

Sibling love...she is 8 weeks 3 days old here. This is the morning I went back to work.
My precious babies! Every mommy thinks their children are the cutest:)Happy 2 months old to me! I asked David to take a picture of her on her 2 month birthday and this is what we got!!!!! Priceless I know!
My new smocked dress mommy bought for me because she doesn't have time to smock a Halloween dress. Everytime I look at this, I think she is "sitting pretty"Brother was begging to be in a picture. He does have more shirts, but he is completely obsessed with this tshirt at the moment.
Surprise! I guess the flash caught her off guard...I love the expression on her face though.Smiling for mommy and the camera.

This is my new trick, I would much rather eat my hands than suck on my paci. I also like to grab my clothes or my lovie and shove it in my mouth:)Just hanging out with mommy.
Hopefully I will be updating more frequently now. We will see:)