Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memphis Gear

Here is a picture of the precious onesie and tshirt that I had made for Parker and Caroline. While Parker's tshirt was my friend's idea, I came up with the idea for Caroline's. It's not the clearest of pictures, but you get the general idea. My friend's company is called "I Am All In Stitches." She can do anything you want...she is AWESOME! Her website is and her name is Robin Trusty. She has some items on her website, but will do anything you would like her to. I highly recommend her!

Caroline is growing...

Well, I headed back to work this week and it has gone pretty smooth! I have to say that I miss her something awful during the day, but I knew this was coming and that I would be going back to work. Caroline had her 2 month check up last Thursday and here are her stats...
HT- 22 1/4, inches, WT- 11.3 lbs, Head Circumference- 39.5 cm.
Here are Parker's stats from his 2 month checkup...
HT- 22 1/2 inches, WT- 11.10 lbs, Head Circumference- 39 cm.
They are definitely close together wouldn't you say? She eats about every 3 hours and is such a happy baby. We have been so blessed to have 2 great children! She only wakes for 1 night time feeding and is going to sleep on her own. We also moved her to her crib last week because I could hear EVERY move she made. Here are a few pictures that have been taken over the past few weeks.

All dressed up for church. She sat with David and I during the entire service and was a perfect angel.

Parker absolutely LOVES his baby sister. Half the time he is in her face and the other half he is mad at us because he is trying to take care of her and we are telling him that he can't:( She is going to think she has 3 parents with as much as he tries to do for her. He is really sweet to her.
And a picture of mom and baby. I realized this weekend that I didn't have any pictures of Caroline and I except from the hospital. I am the one always taking the pictures! I wanted one for my desk at work and this is the one we took. Hope all of you are doing well. Will post more pictures soon!