Saturday, April 19, 2008

Roll Tide....not by choice!

Last weekend was the A-Day Game in Tuscaloosa. For anyone who doesn't know, David is a DIE HARD Alabama fan and has started brainwashing Parker. I have tried every tactic I know to avoid this happening, but he is the dad! Parker is OBSESSED with the quarterback, John Parker Wilson. They share the same birthday and his brother is Ross(he was the quarterback from the high school team on Two a Days on MTV a while back). Anyway, I have tons of pics to share and thought you all would love to know that we are peeling because we got so sunburned last weekend. I know, I know....there is a thing called sunscreen!

The front entrance to the stadium.
David and Parker wanted a picture by the statue...there were so many people that I told them to stand back and I would do the best I could.Here is Parker doing what all the kids were doing...throwing football. He loves to play any kind of sports, so this was right up his ally. We had about 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare when we got there. Gates didn't open until noon and when they did, the crowd kept coming in. There were 78,200 people in attendance. FOR A SCRIMMAGE! I mean, that's a little ridiculous. People were tailgating like it was a regular football game.
Here is Paul "Bear" Bryant. They have all of these cool statues of old coaches along the grass that leads to the stadium. Parker and Daddy thought this one was the coolest, though.

Parker squinting. This was a reoccurring theme throughout the day. I guess the sun was too much when he looked at the camera. I thought it was pretty shady here:)Here's us waiting in line at one of the gates. We stood here for about 45 minutes...only for them to NEVER open this gate. They said all gates would be open, but they were not telling the truth. Now, I will say that this standing in line was not the only thing we did. We searched for a bathroom because of course I had to go as soon as we got here. Being pregnant and not close to a bathroom is not fun!
Once we were in the stadium, David had me take this picture. He has the picture from EVERY trip we have taken here. For the 2 hours we waited inside the stadium for the game, they were replaying highlights from the previous season. I will say I got real excited seeing clips from the TN/Alabama game...because the big orange got crushed!
Squinting again! HA HA We found seats pretty low and the boys were very excited about being close to the field!
My boys watching the jumbo tron and the field. Parker said, "I just love this place."
Parker wanted to get a closer look at the field. At this point, there weren't very many people in the stadium, so we let him have a little freedom. I am dreading the day that he doesn't want to stay right next to us at all times.
#14 is John Parker Wilson
If you look closely, you can see Parker talking to Al the mascot. He was so excited to meeting him.
And here is just a glimpse and the amount of people here for the game. About 5 minutes in to the game, the announcer came over the loud system and said the lower half of the stadium was closed and that if people were coming in from outside they had to use the spirals and sit in the upper deck.
And to the real reason we went to Tuscaloosa. David's dad was even MORE of a fan of Alabama than David is. My brother and sister-in-law bought this brick in memory of David's dad for a Christmas present. It was very neat seeing the brick after all this time of knowing it was there. Dossie would be very proud to know his name is permanently on the campus.
And here is little man absolutely worn out. He had not had a nap all day and this was taken about 4:30 or 5:00 pm, right when we were pulling back in to West Point,MS. We were staying at my parents' condo at Old Waverly. If you have made it through this long post, congrats! Hope you enjoyed reading.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow Day...yes a little old, but cute pics!

So I promised a while ago that I would post some pics of Parker from the snow day in March. He had so much fun playing in it and watching the snow pile up on his Thomas table. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Here is what we awoke to the morning after the "Big" snow. We got out early to go eat at Perkins. David and I LOVE to drive in the snow. The next couple of pics are of David and Parker making a snow man. It was very funny because Parker didn't have his gloves at home. We left them at school we improvised and used socks to cover his hands. He didn't seem to mind too much.

Parker and his first REAL snow ball. The next pics show he and David starting a snowball fight. I should have recorded them because it was HILARIOUS to hear them laughing at each other.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the snow while it lasted. Being around a child when it snows brings out the child in you. I wish everyday was a snow day sometimes:)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dr. update

Well, of course time has gotten away from me and I have not updated since my last doctor's if you are reading this, I would like you to meet the newest addition to our family:)
This is a profile pic of our precious little girl. You can see her spine, too.

Here is Caroline looking at you and everyone else. She was very cooperative yesterday and we were able to see the four chambers of her heart and everything else that is important! She is weighing in at 1lb, 6oz. I will be 25 weeks on Friday. It is so hard to believe that I am this far along. The date on the ultrasound is wrong. Who knows why they won't change it. We are still on target for the July 26th due date. I am DREADING being so pregnant during the summer. My blood pressure is FINALLY back to normal. I just pray it keeps coming down.

Parker is preparing everyday for his baby sister. He went with us again to the ultrasound and he was so amazed with everything. He says something cute about the baby everyday, like..."Was the baby dieing to come get me from school?" He really can't wait for her to be here and is looking forward to summer. He thinks "school" takes too long! HA HA We told him that nothing about school was going to change for many years. Of course the teachers' kid doesn't like school.

Hope you all are well and have recovered from the disappointing Memphis loss. I truly was devastated, but very proud of our boys. We need to remember, they made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP game! Have a great week!